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I am not totally incognito. I, Danwillie Blogger, have been blogging since the start of the Internet. I have watched the internet age, and am somewhat disgraced by what it has become. Lots of trash on it. The idea of those in control of it have expounded on an open and free internet. The internet is man’s create of disaster for many people, especially our children. The visibility of depravity at a click of a button has sicken our world speedily beyond comprehension. Satan is in full control of its use and the destruction their in. When I say Satan, I mean men of this earth controlled by Satan. The internet is nothing more than ones and zeros being routed throughout the world. But man has added a corruptness to it as man has done to all things of this earth.

But my intention is to make something uncorrupt and make ones and zeros serve God’s purposes. It is in the originator of what the zeros and ones do for mankind. Soon as our freedoms in our faith diminishes in this country, so will the freedom of the Internet will diminish.

It is good to see what YouTube provides for many of us. But there is a very dark side to YouTube. And this is the same on many Social Media companies and the Internet in general. Google has very dark side to it. Never allow your kids to search without the controls properly set. And use tools like DNS controls for parents to limit what is seen. And lastly the controls on internet don’t always work. Monitor what your children see.

So, in Ending, I Danwillie Blogger can be found in many blogging sites. My prayer is that each you can use the internet for Godly purposes and bring light to a very dark world.

The picture is my last mountain I climbed. Other Articles Romans 8- A Packed Chapter of Verses 2 Rightly Divide the Word What’s Imputed by Faith to Every Believer .

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