America in Decline- 2020?

Where will we be at?

More to come!

There is much to say about America in decline, and what will be America in 2020? And a change affect anything. The liberal Progressives own the politician and the press in Europe and in America. There are a few signs that could drive the pendulum the other way. But will it happen before our nation dissolves? America is in decline. Thank God, he has a plan, because America has no plan. We divided and divided deeply.

America in decline
America in decline

Today Russia and China have more control over this world than America has. Putin has just put more mud on Obama’s face. America in decline?? He is taking control and we can’t do anything about it but to say naughty, naughty. Appears to be 1938-39 all over again. America in decline-Show me otherwise!

When you read the Original documents that formed this nation. They were great. But we are not the America in those documents. With the newest taxes that were passed with lies and deception at the highest levels, is it any different than our fore fathers experienced under English rule.

We see the Government controlling more of our lives every day. America in decline, yes will we make it to 2020?

Checkout Townhall and Newsmax

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