USA Live Today Map of a The miracle in America

USA Live Today Red Map of America.

The Trump Pence ticket has done well for America. The only real blue are the west coast and the east coast with a touch of blue in the middle for Chicago. They can declare they won the popular vote, but this map declares we are a Red America, and I think we will be this way for years to come.

USA Live Today Map of a Red America
USA Live Today Map of a Red America

Since there was so much discussion about voter fraud, it is good that President is looking into this. The trick that the dems played,  I think was to throw others off track, so no one would look at West Coast of California, New York City and Chicago. where they are ripe for voter fraud. I left California because voting is useless there for many reason. Anyone can Vote. There is no controls on voting. Even after you vote, they can throw it away. It is the people’s republic of California and is as close as you can get to a lawlessness state. where the constitution has no value.

It sure looks much of the blue areas along the border of Mexico maybe ripe for voter fraud.  Hard to say if that is true. Since we have no idea how many illegals are here. They continue to use 11 million for every president since Reagan.  I think it could be a quarter of our country by now. I would hope some have moved toward green cards to become America citizens.


I wonder what a map would look like today as President Trump continues to move forward on his plan like no other president has done before. But he is fighting the 4 branch of government every day. These are all hostile to him and his staff.

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