BlackListed ???#uscyber

I am not sure, but I did get a message that Google doesn’t like my site. Black Listed ???

A white wash by Google. I received a message from my advertisers that they are being penalized for back-linking to my site. I am sorry that my opinion is causing you problems. I hope google changes my status, but I doubt it. Does this mean I am Blacklisted. Who knows!

You see I am an affiliate marketer. Not really, I am trying to be an affiliate marketer. In Google eyes I am bad for their business. All the changes that have occurred, directly affected affiliate marketers more than any other segment in America’s online business today.  So most have left affiliate marketing for more physical products. Others have changed found some holes in Google and are trying to stay afloat until google changes another rule. Which is happening every day.

I am an affiliate marketer. We all have been affected by Google games. I can only say this. Freedom of Speech is definitely being limited by the big guys. We can just keep trying to get our opinion out. And try to make a living.

You know once pawn shops were dirty places. But today they are an excellent remarketing method and do well. We affiliate marketer are just trying get product visible to the public for them to decide whether there is value in what we show. We take no money except from product owners after they sell.

Black listed – maybe but because I believe in Jesus Christ- Nothing on this earth matters.

America in 2020, What will we have. Does America-in-2020 include freedom of speech?  What will our bill of rights be?

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