California gun group sues

California, the closes state to a socialist state. Gun rights group is suing

California gun group sues to publish lawmakers’ addresses

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A California gun rights group is suing after a legislative lawyer blocked a blog post listing the addresses of lawmakers who had recently supported tough gun control legislation.

The Firearms Policy Coalition filed the federal lawsuit Friday on behalf of an unnamed member who had posted the home addresses of 40 legislators, pledging to keep the information up until they voted to repeal the laws or died.

In California, the closes state to a socialist state. And since they don’t follow many of the laws of this country, one could say they are a state and a nation in its self. I left California 3 years ago and I hope never to return. Those of you who think this country’s courts are going to back Californian seeking return to Constitution haven’t got a chance. President Brown and the Democrats of the nation of California have demonstrated many times over the people don’t matter. And the California law supercedes America Law. You haven’t got a chance of winning this court case.

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