Fake news Again, Again, and Again.

I have had articles on this subject of Fake News for more than a couple of years. It’s the media and the left that want to take down @realdonaldTrump. They are constantly dreaming up angles of lies to take him down. I call it sedition.

We have previous presidents, previous administration thugs, Rhinos, Democrats, Mueller investigation and so-called mainstream media. #CNN #ABC #CBS and #NBC with support from Google, Twitter and Facebook source control are possessed to control #american thought and American Policy. Each day another lie is uncovered. We have heard the Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming until we are blue in the face. After a year of investigations beyond reason, that narrative is dying and so now we have a new narrative, the women are hurting from years of oppression caused by mean control men. Amazing! This has been initiated and personified in our movie culture for years.

Why hasn’t anyone said anything until today? Because the Russians are not coming today and Adam Shift can’t stretch the truth anymore using that native.  So Dems have a new one “sexual harassment”. Everything anyone did to a girl in the last century is sexual harassment. Evil Men walking all over the world. Sounds like the zombie movies. But really it is another twisted narrative from the left to take down #trump. They are presenting a martyred front of Dems out the door to get the hi ground that they are better than anyone else. They tried to take down Roy Moore using strained facts from many decayed ago and using so-called newspaper assaults to convict people of evil, much like the lynch mobs of the past.

Don’t get me wrong, women should have their day for the many wrongs that have happened in this society. But these women are being used to take down a duly elected president and a senator by a group called the #darkstate and they are just pawns in another plan by so-called men and women.

So here is more Fake News from the past.

Russian Investigation Over???

Hillary-What a Loss Cause

Trump Worse Enemy-Republicans

and so many more!!!

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