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Twitter, Facebook, and Google are busy killing 1,000,000 users a day because they don’t agree with their content. This selectivity is not just hate speech. It is any site ,message, or business goals that interfere with there objective to control. They are not good for business. Not good for free press. And this is not good for America. I am one of those unverified waiting for the knife to fall. I have had the PC Police kill my content about true facts on what was happening in Government. Today I and many others involved with bringing to light government misdeeds are cut off. I haven’t had any traffic from  the Mega Internet companies in six months. Before these controls were put in place I had as high as a thousand views a day. You can look at the bottom of any of my sites to see my traffic. I sometimes get 100 plus views these days and none of it From Mega Internet. Tucker Carlson talking with GAB’s Andrew Torba bring out what is happening in America. Sounds just like the early years of Nazis in Germany. Instead of working with Law enforcement, they have created a Gustopol system of enforcing there laws on Americans.

[iframe width=”605″ height=”409″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/nCb5suCLk2Y” ]

As you can see from the Video, what has transpired is a bit scary. Just think if Hillary was in power there would be no stopping this. America would be gone.

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Become a Member of GAB.ai see the real truth.

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