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Dr Malone shows how Truth has been hidden from the world

Dr Malone demonstrates how truth has been hidden from America and the World. We see the revealing of twitter files by Elon Musk, has shed so much light on what these corporations and government entities covered up in so many areas of our lives.

Today we don’t just have nations in concert covering up Truth, we also have corporations created in America working in concert with US government entities, ignoring our constitution, to hide facts that could have saved lives in the last so-called pandemic.

America (USA) which has been a beacon of Truth is now hamstrung by bitter in-house fighting. So, what will happen in the Future no one knows. This why I say turn to Christ, read Gods Proven Word. Find the Mysteries in Pauls’ teachings. What is happening in the world is for told in the Words of the Bible. And also, checkout the path to Salvation 1 Cor 15:1-4. This link goes to the Blue Letter Bible an excellent tool for Bible study.

He shows other Battles for Truth.

Dr Malone

Checkout his website. Who is Robert Malone | Robert W Malone MD, MS | Substack

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