Is SSL a New Threat to Free Press and the 1st Amendment? Yes

I just had to move all my sites because of the threat we all are faced with using non-SSL sites. Google, Twitter, Facebook, and MSN will not link to non-SSL sites. I create websites and have done this for as long as websites have been around. The so-called premise the internet is free to build ideas is no longer true. Google and MSN have regularly increased control of the internet to where only profitable data can be used. Now Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook have jumped on board to the extent of social control over the world, by editing what we see and blocking anyone whose opinion is contrary to the PC police.

PC police
PC police

Personal Examples of PC Police

[…] pulled by Youtube and Facebook PC police. This is the original Tweet of that video. To see more go to Marine Court…

[…] tweet was when I put it up before PC Police took it down. He made the best case for…

Once you get these, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube limit traffic from hundreds a day to almost null. At one point during the election, I got a thousand hits but I have only seen a few days above fifty lately. These sites had record traffic before MSN Smartscreen, and Google’s 900 rules took over the web. Some of my sites have been around in 2000 or at least the data on the sites. All have been stifled in the last three years. Last year, I had high hopes for Twitter, but now they are all the same. They all want to get rid of the old webmasters and take over the internet. And what is sad, for the last eight years they got everything they wanted from the government

We in America must get smart and get control of Social Media. Laws have to be enacted before we become Google or Facebook World and all nations are subject to them. This is happening today under our noses.

SSL is the current way to protect the Individual’s data.

I don’t have a problem with the concept of SSL. But, if it’s the way to secure each user’s data why is it in the hands of private companies? Some have very big conflicts of interest in selling so-called insurance and providing total web services. How can these companies be objective about our security, when it’s all profit for them? I had to move all my sites from the biggest one because they wanted to take over every aspect of web services. I was with them from the beginning. So I moved to a free SSL hosting company. There are a few. But the SSL certificate is very limited and I would imagine Google and MSN will change the rules again making them outdated. This is why the government needs to put controls on implementation and distribution.

SSL is like a driver’s license or a passport to the world. Each person or company ought to be issued that license. And since this is the heart of security and a license. SSL should not be distributed by profiteering companies like Norton charging thousands of dollars for so-called insurance. It’s not insurance, Its security for the Internet. Anything that is security and a license or passport should be controlled by Government. And since it’s a passport to the world, the US Post Office is an excellent distributor. This is no more than mail delivery around the world. And US Post Office was and is perfect in this age of piracy of America’s data.

A bit of history

I was directly involved in Diffie Helman, PKI, CA, and much more. Twenty years ago I worked for a company that was working with the US Post Office to distribute and control CA’s. I thought this was good because something as important as our security should not be in the hands of profit companies. This is a place the Governments need to reign in on the private business. After all, this is the security of our data, individually, and is the most important commodity in the internet age.

Well, somewhere along the line, the world order took over and you can guess, the US Post Office idea went up in smoke and all SSL is issued by private companies whose only goal is to make a profit. Look at how much theft of American data and money has been sent out of the country to other nations. Was it planned wealth distribution? Sure looks like that now. Yes, this is the mantra of World Order on the Left. America bought the lies of the 90s and the beginning of this century. But we now must be smarter. and control the valuable accesses American Internet has.

This Twitter Link can link you to the Yahoo Article

US regulator says Silicon Valley is threat to internet
FCC Chairman Words of Encouragement via @YahooNews @FCC

— Dan Frantz (@DanFrantz) November 29, 2017

FCC Chairman’s Words of Encouragement

Yahoo Article …

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai delivered remarks days after unveiling a proposal to reverse a hotly contested 2015 rule requiring broadband firms to treat all online traffic equally.

Pai said internet platforms — he singled out Twitter — play a more significant role than broadband operators in determining what internet users see.

“Despite all the talk about the fear that broadband providers could decide what internet content consumers can see, recent experience shows that so-called edge providers are in fact deciding what content they see,” Pai said.

“””These providers routinely block or discriminate against content they don’t like.”

The blunt remarks appeared to confirm a tougher atmosphere in Washington for Silicon Valley firms after years of close ties.

“”””Pai, appointed by President Donald Trump, offered an example of Twitter’s decision to block a video by a Republican candidate “because it featured a pro-life message,” referring to the politician’s claim of the “sale of baby body parts.”

“”He said Twitter “appears to have a double standard when it comes to suspending or de-verifying conservative users’ accounts as opposed to those of liberal users,” Pai said. Read more at

Shut the open door! Our Government has screwed many Americans. 

Remember the Obama administration telling Americans to pay up when they take their computer? SSL is only a partial fix because it takes time to brake the code. Back in my day, the KG30 was a solution. Today we need a KG30 like in every network card with a CA of who is using it issued by a creditable authority. And we don’t need a secret society inside America outside the control of our Government as with Apple Phones. If we want to be the Free nation we are everything must be visible to the laws of our land. Enough Screwing America for World Order!

@potus @fcc @ftc #homelandsecurity

I still think the passport division of the US Post Office is best suited to provide CA (Certificate Authority). But I am open to Homeland Security doing the job. The only problem I have is whether can they keep Political Correctness out, and govern according to congressional mandate and the constitution. I haven’t flown for many years because you have no rights once on that plane. You are at the mercy of private companies.

Why are we allowing internet companies to control our lives, our elections, and the theft of our personal data on a daily bases??

We need to get smart before another Obama comes along.
We need to get smart before another Obama comes along.

The cost can be free if you are with companies like Bluehost. But I just got through moving all my sites from Godaddy because it would have cost me hundreds of dollars to get SSL for all my free press domains.

This is being slammed on every webmaster in the country. There is no guarantee that the private company will be there tomorrow. Listening to the news Google is de-certifying trust names like Norton and others. Why should Google certify or de-certify anyone? I have watched Google’s 900 + rules destroy small businesses and webmasters. And just the other day, a client said Google offers much more traffic and better business presence than I can give her. Now Twitter is about to turn my account off because they object to content on my #freespeech sites. So my #webservices business suffers.

Over the years we all just swallowed and let mainly Google and now Facebook control the world thought.

  • We need Laws to enforce constitutional rights on all social media.
  • We need laws that protect our data and the individuals being mowed down by Corporations.
  • And we need antitrust laws enforced.
  • The government needs to control all SSL because it’s the Security of our nations data. This is forensic information that can help law enforcement to keep our data safe.
  • And Why was the US Post Office removed from being an SSL distributing agency? They are ideal for creating and distributing SSL?
  • Why are we allowing internet companies to control our lives, our elections, and the theft of our personal data on a daily basis??
  • Why is our government allowing these internet companies to control all of the internet? Anti-trust big time.

This article can be found at America-in-2020 and

SSL new Threat to Free Press via @danfrantz. SSL is Security and ought to be distributed by Government. Is SSL Threat to Free Press and the 1st Amendment? Yes, as a blogger I have several site that make nothing. And SSL is expensive and complicated.

— Dan Frantz (@DanFrantz) November 8, 2017

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