If we are worthy to survive as a nation then this election will be a plus toward that Goal. But as a beleiver in Jesus Christ, I see many reasons for God to throw in the towel. When you read the bible and see how he dealt with other nations, his Grace is the only thing saving us. The amount of sin/hatred contrive by this nation is beyond my reasoning. In our daily lives God in on the back burner in almost every aspect of American life. I spent several years on the west coast, then I came to Virginia. First thing I found was many empty churches. And what wasn’t empty were closed by the Pandemic. God was shutdown because of the pandemic. Find that example in the bible.

I was able to find a bible teaching church but not like churches on the west coast. We have seen the total dismantling of the constitution in this country and it may never come back.

What do you think!

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