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So many lies in the last several years

Today I added another note I put on truthsocial. Donald Trump feels what he did was right with Warp Speed. But he is failing to remember the Swamp was deep then and even deeper now. This is what I say to that. There were many wrongs done in response to bad Covid policies. You addressed a few. But the elephant in room our government lied to us many times. And it appears there were other stronger players in the room that either manipulated your team or the agency of the Federal Government. This must be weeded out and you must have a plan to weed them out. You will lose votes like Dr. Malone and even myself.


On a previous reply

Replying to @realDonaldTrump We need to Pray for our presidents and our nation. This DOJ moving the line of Justice to gain more political power will shatter any unity in America. We all see our top Justice department attempting to destroy the will of the people to speak freely about what we see happening in our country. We all see these attacks against people who were doing what American should do. Hold our Elected officials accountable. For more info on Politics, I have another Blog 4americans2day.com

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