Nevada on the Wrong Side of History Again,

I live in Nevada. We need to dump Clark County so we can govern our state. Here in Nevada the Republicans lost because its a lost party. They had a winning party. Not so today. With the taxes going up all over Nevada mainly due to a Republican Governor’s that has rhino tax policies. Then when the fighting got tough Joe Heck backed out on his support for Trump. Bad move, I didn’t see that coming. He has added new meaning to a General. I hope he has no political path here. One county, Clark County, controls the state. I have a post about metros become a Mega city states.#MegaCityState. Las Vegas is a Good example. Their values are not the state of Nevada’s values. I moved here 3 years ago and thought it was a republican state. It is, except for Clark County and the Demo’s that move from California to Washoe County. An educational intervention needs to happen with Reno to enlighten them on Nevada state values. I am afraid the Harry Reid influences have made Las Vegas a loss cause.

So in ending, because of the moves of our Governor, I am staying independent.

Nevada 2016
Nevada 2016

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