Paypal playing God with America

Today, North Carolina’s people decided to take a moral stand and Paypal is playing God against the Moral convictions of the North Carolina People taking away 400 jobs. I will do my best to find 400 people to give up on Paypal.

North Carolina stand strong, because all of the so called Social companies of the world are coming to get you. Paypal is only the first.

pp1Today I have tried to cancel my Paypal account and they won’t let me. I tried their many methods to close. I will try again tomorrow. We the people must stand strong against corporate take over of American vote.

Paypal playing God with America

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One thought on “Paypal Playing God”
  1. Well I got through to Paypal and I closed my business account and my private account. I hope you too can consider closing your Paypal account. American can’t be ruled by Corporations with no moral compass. The Gods of the internet have forced the direction of this country down their amoral road long enough.
    Dan Frantz

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