Reuter Polls for Trump

I don’t put a lot into polls. They have been off before. So take them with a grain of salt. This poll is unique in that if you click on the link. you will receive the most current poll. The numbers are based on the last 5 days of a continuous poll. Also you must read carefully to see correct view. Even when polls are directly in front of you the meaning is unclear.The example below is for Feb 22,2017 as viewed by conservatives. Notice the word filtered. The second Example is unfiltered. But check how many days the average is over. Reuters isn’t trying to trick you. Need to know all the filters.
Polls can be Wrong
As we see polls can be dead wrong. Bias is always a problem.

What you see, they say is based on a response to a question or questions with yes or no answers in most cases. But I know that people are sick of polls and answers these days are not trustworthy, And when you look at questions asked at times they are subjective and have no real answers. On the Reuter polls, the quality maybe better because of the large sample.

To see more Polls click on there links!

Poll for August Filtered


Polls- Humbug
Polls- Humbug

Fakenews plus polls = more fakenews!

To see more polls, go to Reuter’s Polls. Endless polls to support any viewpoint you want. You will soon see that Polls with fakenews are driving polls. Everyday big media presents a story and its laced with polls that fit their agenda and makes more #fakenews.


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