USA Live Today Map of a The miracle in America

Pray for our President and his family. #Pray4DJT

What did Bill O’Reilly expect President Trump to say when asked if Putin is a killer. In DJT big picture was more important. If we in America continue this battle that Obama/Clinton has inflamed with Russia, then the world’s days maybe numbered. To call Putin a killer does nothing to start a conversation that may resolve issues in this world. But it did increase Bill’s ratings. Deliberately narrow-minded question leaving DJT to answer poorly. Being an inexperienced politician and trusting Bill O’Reilly not to trap him, lead DJT to be off guard.

Donald knows what kind of man Putin is and he knows about some of the dirty games played in the past by our country. When we see how far the dems will go to win ie, wikileaks, and discredit the current administration, there is much more than politics at play. Our nation was in a downward spiral to what many thought that if Hillary was elected, at a minimum would split this country into many part. The thought was probably 5 or 6 separate nations or so week that anyone could walk in and take over.

5 Years ago I started a website America in 2020, after reading many people thoughts. Many in our camp thought America would implode by 2020 and even quicker if Hillary was elected. What is amazing is how blind people are to what is happening around them. Both the east and west coast thought every thing was good. My wife and I took a trip across America and this trip clarified much to me that the East and west coast had no idea what they did to central America. Factories and towns in America empty and all due to the east and west coast politics. Our core values were burning. A knife directly thru the heart of America. We were bleeding profusely and no one cared. The country was imploding. How could we do this to our own people.

The liberal method to control nations is to sanction the hell out of the country so we don’t get out hands dirty. Liberals in the Government would have you believe that if you hurt the people enough they will un-seat the bad people and be a great nation again. So much Crap. Neither Russia, or Iran, and especially Syria are going to change using sanctions. But one thing for sure the people of each country will hate us more. The world is full of bad people. We have just had 8 years of a love fest and all elements of bad are worse.  We must as a nation stand for our values or we will fail as a nation. Slap people with sanctions is just a way of putting off the inevitable. A bad person must be taken out. We have the same problem in our cities where liberal leaders have distracted the people by blaming crime on guns knifes and even food, when its people, bad people and in our case bad people created by our own government’s lack of ability to deal in truth. We have destroyed many lives in America and its cities by being bipartisan and indecisive when we needed to ba American and do what is good for all Americans. Our Parties have spent all their political capital dividing us.

What Trump is trying to do is to get politics out and do things for all Americans. But the politics may still win and our country will lose. The clock is ticking down fast. And the biggest destruct button is our own lack to do what is needed for all Americans. The focus on divide and conquer is still strong.

USA Live Today Map of a Red America
USA Live Today Map of a Red America

Now to my faith side of this. What we see on the map is a miracle. What happened with the Trump Pence election is a miracle. Christians need to be in Prayer to unite this country. This can be done only by the people of this country, being a God fearing nation. We need to look to our nations core values and do what is right for all Americans. The book of James is good reading.

As many is the conservative right, when Donald Trump came onto the picture I could not see what a mouthe person like him could do for this country. But I believe with Gods help he weeded out the competition. And he became the front-runner. How could this possibly do and be good for our country. And the politics was as evil as it could be. Then after praying and writing, If our nation is worthy to continue, show me how?
He did. Donald Trump selected Mike Pence as a running mate and next he spoke out against Abortion more vivid than any politician have ever done. There were other lesser indicators too.
As I look back, none of the 20 republicans could have beat Hillary, whom I think was the most deceptive and sleeziest person to run in the history of America.
And from what I can see, if Hillary won, today would be spent how soon will our country implode or be a monarchy.

We must be praying for God to lead President Donald Trump in our nations perilous time. And we must Pray for Protection of our government and its families. #pray4DJTAmerica in 2020

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