God and Country 4 Americans 2 Day

Prayer for our country’s leaders and what’s to come.

071922 A reprieve from God.

Reprieve from God with the overturning of Roe. Is America ready and willing to continue what God has given us. I know prayer is the most crucial step all Christians need to focus on. Prayer for Our Country’s Leaders to what the Bible says, remember they appointed by God.

Prayer for our neighbors is vital today. Many don’t understand what ROE vs Wade is about and what this has done to America’s relationship with our God.

Prayer for our military leaders and troops who live each day for God and their Country.

Prayer for our church to get back in God’s word and lead America back to the Christian values we once held.

Prayer for the safety of our supreme court leaders.

Prayer for the states that wish to continue supporting abortion. This single issue may end in a divided America.

Thank God for a return to Rule of law with the supreme telling the EPA to stop dreaming up laws not mandated by Congress. I think this single act will in time make the biggest difference in the future.

I want to give a big thank you to Donald Trump for where we are at today. And I pray that as a nation we pray for an end to our destructive government.

Finally, prayer for our country’s leaders.

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    1. I don’t know what to say, be happy every day! Thanks for your comment. I am content with my life, because my eternal hope is not in this world but in Christ.

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