America still sliding into the Abyss

Election Reality Red Wave- Another Media Lie

The Hype by Media was another lie to keep us from seeing the real truth. America is sliding into the abyss. Another Election Reality with no meaning. We all bought into it, America was swinging the other way. Law and Order is returning. But really the corruption is too deep. We have seen Congress continually hype one injustice after another and nothing happens. We have seen witch hunts one after another toward Trump and the American people scaring our nation. We have seen our Justice System suffer one blow after another as each day, it becomes more political evading constitutional values. And after this election, we see a corrupted voting system hijacked again. Overall our core values are more corrupt than anytime in our history. The values many Americans fought and died for. Election Reality-no Change.

Red Map 2016
Red Map 2016 not 2022 -Election Reality

In spite all of this Election Reality, I must vote as my conscience leads me to slow the slide into the abyss. America’s Core is gone because so many want the flavor of the day without reason. So many want to do away with the years of Judah- Christian values. They don’t want to be accountable to God.

But they will be.

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