The Russians made me do it or Whatever!

This is as I have said in many articles on this website a witch hunt. A witch hunt that could have criminal intent. I know many of you are thinking, can it get much worse. All is smoke and mirrors. and due to a change in direction for America. For the last 8 years and even before we have seen America being Ruled by Mega Media and Mega internet companies. The government turned into profit driven pawns to enrich at first MSN and Google and later Twitter and Facebook. The idea of a free internet is gone. Now ‘ controlled by Google and MSN and lately by Twitter. They all control almost all the traffic. And now Americans are the pawns.


I think the Russian narrative was the biggest rues ever on all Americans to dissolve the appearance of the previous administration, of its absolution control American lives. It was the smoke of higher taxes, obamacare, slavation of America to the World and Mega Media, un-constitution presidential power and so much more.

As the Trump administration has shown, America was about to loose its Identity and its freedom if the election went to Hillary.

So in ending, Russia is and will always be an adversary of America, just as China and North Korea and others are. But because of the democrats rues we look like fools to the world especially Russia. I personally hold every democrat responsible for this action of deception. This is as close to sedition as I have seen in my lifetime. Sedition by members of congress, Sedition by corporations, and sedition by party.

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