Sheep for Slaughter

101522 Report by The Epoch Times on Vsafe.

At I posted this article on the article by The Epoch Times on Vsafe Database

Mr. President Trump. I think you are the only president with Guts enough to serve us in this age we are in. But you must have a plan to revamp or do away with FDA NIH and CDC. They lied incessantly to the American people, and I am sure you are receipt of there lies too. I was one of many thousands who has suffered from Covid shots. Almost 1 million. We now know because of the article by The Epoch Times on Vsafe database, many thousands suffered, and we were never told. You must have a plan!

To me this is the single most important issue facing America today. I am hoping for a change in direction this election, but nothing will be done about the lies that CDC, FDA, and NIH. They will just start deleting anything that they can and by the next president I hope is President Trump the only mode left is to eliminate these departments and start over.

In ending go to the article The Epoch Times on Vsafe Database, and after that educate yourself on the Covid nightmare and much more. See how good reporting is done. The current media in the US and the world are guiding most of us like sheep to the slaughterhouse.

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