We need to be in Prayer for America have much to pray for Today

Today we need to be in prayer for America with thanks. Lord Jesus, be with and strengthen our people in Government as we transition away from Roe V Wade. God, I pray for Steve Bannon and Donald Trump to keep your words of wisdom in their hearts and minds. This is a troubling time in both of their lives. I pray for all the people in our law enforcement, that God gives the law (constitution) to keep our society safe for all and maintain liberty for all. The abuses that we see have consequences far-reaching for Americans. But we need to remember, that today we are under persecution for our past sins and we have an opportunity to turn to God.

Our Supreme Court has taken several stands on enforcing the Laws of this land. I pray that your protection is on each of them in the days to come.

I pray that the leadership in Congress would keep their Oath to God closer than the Oath to the Party. By all accounts currently, there is no “We the People”, but agenda to take God out of the picture.

By appearance, it appears that the second coming is coming, but God still has more souls to reach. As you read this open your bible and understand our sovereign God. Jesus will come back and be King over all.

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