We Almost Lost America to the Deep State and it may still happen.

America -the Frog in the Water.

America - the frog in boilling water
America – the frog in boiling water

Since the Election of @realDonaldTrump we see how much America was taken over by Liberals and the deep state. This nation was on the road to total takeover by the left and those who wanted us to be under control of the world order. I thought this was a joke a few years back, when I heard that some of our parks were under UN control. How naive I was to think our leaders were selling us down the river. The Paris accord is just one example of money funnelled out of America and into others. Another issue would be the billion of dollars in wealth transferred from America through the #WWW to others using #CyberCrime. The balance of trade that has decimated America companies buy Agreements made by our own leaders. Talk about the frog in boiling water. We American trusted our leaders way too much and they screwed us for profits for @Google, @MSN, big media and others.

Can He Drain the Swamp

Drain the swamp – Check out Ben Garrison

@POTUS has been working hard to Drain the swamp. But he is being attacked by Media, Deep State, and many others. It is questionable whether @POTUS can pull this off. Obama Administration was in bed with so many characters of the deep state and Leftist. And he was above the law or beneath it. The constitution was constantly tested as if they were to take control. They had eight years to bury many gotcha’s. As we are seeing, in healthcare, immigration law, accords and treaties, much was a lie in that eight years and hidden from the #American people. I thank God for sneaking @realDonaldTrump, because I think this was  the greatest upset in #American history bar no. And as it has been said, we all must be vigilant to protect our President #PRAY4DJT. There is much hatred and anger from the Liberals and the left as we have seen from a baseball game.

To the Right, is a cartoon by Ben Garrison. This is just one of many he has. Feel free to click on photo to see more, many more. This particular cartoon will be used throughout the #trump tour. I hope that in 4 years we can say he is still fighting strong for the American people. @potus has already made a difference. #Russian #collusion has metamorphosis into many other forms and will be a thorn until we American say enough is enough. Another phrase today is Wake up America.

Wake up America

If Americans wake up and see what has happen to our country this the Flag maybe out of stress. Our sovereignty and glory can be celebrated as the nation we are.

I created this website 5 years ago because I seen that if we continue in the direction we were going, America would disintegrate before our eyes by 2020. I know that if Hillary got in, we would be a socialist republic and the constitution would be null and void. With @realDonaldTrump there is a chance to become a constitutional government by the people, of the people and for the people again. America would once again have standing in the World. But only if we American get on board.

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