Who got DNC and others emails to WikiLeaks?

America upside down
America upside down

I want to qualify this opinion first. I am just an avid reader with no resources to be a journalist, nor do I want to be a Journalist these days. In my reading of all the sources available to me, I don’t see Russia as the primary player and our government is no longer a trusted source. It appears that many aspects of Obama administration has lost its credibility using his political machine to get Hillary elected at any cost, so he can save his legacy. I based this on the continual leaks of non political employees of our government. It isn’t government that corrupt, its the political leadership. So at this point nothing is trust worthy from Obama administration.

And the top media outlets and newspapers have no standards, and appear to be our American raggs. The connection between Administration and these raggs is obvious. How dumb do they think we are. Just a few weeks out to election, they dump tons of trash on the American people against Trump, leaving Hillary’s questionable past wide open and un-reported. To this day I don’t understand why Americans support this woman for President. To get this far, says a lot about American values and where we are at. What a snow job by the media and DNC.

What I think has holes in it, but its better that the cool aide on the other side. In the last year their are 3 dead people that were a part of the DNC. There are always unexplainable dead people around the Clintons as far back as I can remember. You won’t find any follow -up on these three dead people from the major media.

You can find out more on YouTube or Reddit. A quick search will lead you to more info than you want.  Its enough to make you sick. And early on, Assange indicated one of these three were a possible source. Even before the Russian connection.

I don’t see Assange as criminal. I do believe much of his problems are because he has leaked information show the US government political machine is as crooked as they come with much to hide.

As a 40 year computer and network engineer, the big social medias and the government are more responsible for the leaks. Instead of designing a protected network as we protect all other critical assets of America, they let it designed wide open to the world, available to all to steel and plunder. The money trail lead to this. The network can be secure and safe, but the fatheads sold it differently. We have lost so much of this nations wealth to this stupidity.

So if one is looking to blame, its this stupid idea of open borders everywhere including the internet. We now know this is Hillary’s world from the WikiLeaks. And we know much more.


Ending with my Reddit Quote to NYtimes

Trump is far from the worst. You can’t destroy a man in 2 months. Hillary has been the worst for America for many years. The personality assassination by your paper in the last two month will disappear Nov 8, 2016 because its all lies. Hillary’s history will continue to divide America as long as she is in Government.

Danwillie- Site Blogger

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