Another bad Internet story on CBS

Charlie Rose spoke of how small businesses, schools and individuals were held in ransom for over 350 million dollars in the last year by hackers. Its time the government to wake up and do their duty and stop this internet theft. As I said,  we need to take control of our internet. Govern our internet, as any asset in America using the laws to protect our citizens.

We can end this robbery of citizen , schools, and businesses. Wake up Obama. Wake up America Justice. A free internet must be protected for the proper use of its citizens.

Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime

Charlie Rose spoke as an uninformed news anchor. Technology is here to fix this. We don’t have to be chickens in a slaughter waiting to die.

Call your your current elected officals, and ask the current crop of politicians where they stand.

For a new site on Internet Freedom follow this link

Another bad Internet story

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