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Each day America is changing. How soon will we be a third world nation. Obama and the liberals have destroyed all the greatness we had. But it wasn’t just him and his liberal friends. We all are to blame. Frogs cooking in the frying pan. We all by our complacence, have laid the ground work to where each day another pieces of the fabric is destroyed. This rapid destruction of the American Fabric may be all over by 2020.11-26-2013 9-30-26 PM

This country is going to hell in a hand basket soon. As a Christian, I focus on God’s plan. But as a man I must say my peace. And that’s what this site is about. I don’t believe God can have plan for America any more. We are consumed by our own egos and desires. I hope God see something worth saving here, for my children and grandchildren and that I am totally wrong.
Comment as you feel. We all, except conservatives, are allowed to speak.

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Hello world! Have a good day! America in 2020

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