Media Charges Fail smell test about Roy Moore?

Yes. And Roy will be destroyed or some of the swamp drained

Judge Moore whether right or wrong, the timing make this very wrong. And when you add the people against this it enforces the wrong immensely. This is a political hatchet by both parties against one man. Today politics appears to be a license to destroy a person in what ever method is needed. We have seen this getting worse as America declines. At America in 2020 website, I write extensively about this. A sign of the times for sure. What is egregious is the magnitude these attack are at. The anger and political fighting has a violent side to our everyday lives. This anger and violence politically feeds violence across our country. News media stories for sake of profits add to the stress and fear people have. There simply is no bases or reason, just money. One feeds the other. The fame that is given to all on the edge, feeds and guarantees history will repeat and even be greater.


Today we has a Media with no ethics, we have a legal system questioned by most, we have Congress showing its colors and all because politics has no moral compass. We need to get back to the bases of law. Throw out the trash that is contrary to our constitution and toss the amoral politician that got us here.


Deep State Swamp
Deep State Swamp

Today, I listened to Congress show its colors when Jeff Sessions was before them. He held his own and as he said we have 27 investigation ongoing on leaks and other investigation too. I would imagine these will help cleanup the swamp. We must be patient, justice is a slow process.


So in ending, Steven Bannon was right when said the fight has just begun. We have gone the wrong way for many years. Turning it takes time. Rush Limbaugh goes deeper and narrows it to McConnell (search and destroy mission) of Steve Bannon, a true political power struggle.  So News media rating will go through the roof, profits up and America’s swamp is getting deeper. No win yet here.


Dan Frantz -retired American

Ben Garrison is the best political cartoonist today. Click on cartoon to see more of Ben Garrison works.


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