God and Country 4 Americans 2 Day

The Demise of America self-destruction is happening Daily

Another week of our nation’s sovereignty being destroyed from within. Premier law enforcement is being destroyed from within. Each period demonstrated the destruction of the piece of fiber holding America together. At first, it was a few wayward characters hidden deeply in the bowls of our government. Today It is all of the leadership in a legislative body and the executive body.

What started in 2016, has increased in greater devastation throughout Potus 45 into Potus 46 with a small hope of resolution and a return to America being a sovereign nation under God. Small hope is the key here. I see a very narrow window that this could happen. There is a worldwide push to remove America from the sovereign position we have had to one of servitude to the world. This was demonstrated by COVID and the ongoing pandemics dreamed up by powerful people in government and the corporate elite. The swamp as they say.

In the end, read Revelations in God’s Bible. To me, it appears America is in a mini tribulation for all of its sins. We have gone through a series of sovereignty problems that are becoming greater in intensity with a small hope that things may change this election. We must pray for America, but at the same time be prepared in our true faith and look to our sovereign God. He may still have a plan for our nation again. America’s self-destruction may continue, But something better may happen soon.

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  1. dwfrantz Avatar

    Today we are in a troubled time. We all need to be in Prayer

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