Rex Tillerson- state department speech to employees

Rex Tillerson- Doing Good Work in State Department

In this cspan interview, you can see why President Trump selected Rex as Secretary of State. Cspan Link

Cspan Comment;

Rex Tillerson Remarks to State Department Employees Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke to employees in an address at his agency’s headquarters, his second such address since assuming his position. He talked about various areas of focus the Trump administration would take on foreign policy. The speech came amid reports Secretary Tillerson was looking to cut about 2,300 employees from the State Department workforce, about nine percent of its total, which he did not mention. Secretary Tillerson also said he would be meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at an upcoming meeting in Alaska, and reiterated earlier threats that North Korea would be facing additional sanctions due to its growing nuclear ambitions.

state-department- link to video
state-department- link to video

In listening to Rex you will see how he is integrating Trumps policies into state department actions. America’s interest and the American people’s interest are now once again the same. His ability to convey Trump vision and his goals to accomplish that is clear. His conversation or Chat as he called it was great.

WATCH: Secretary Tillerson addresses @StateDept Staff

In the 30 minutes he presence an understandable picture of what the state department policies are to enforce Trump policies. Enjoy!



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