2000 mules 2020 stollen Election

Most successful Documentary -2000 Mules by DINESH D’SOUZA

How gullible Americans are! We knew it was coming. I wrote about stollen elections and Democrat Dirty Tricks 5 years ago. We now know how far they will go with their agenda to destroy America. We must be prepared for the next shoe to drop. WW3 is not beyond them. Go to Rigged2020.com . Be patient -link failed several times for me. Either heavy traffic or traffic suppression.


2000 Mules

2 excellent movies are promoting the issues with the 2020 election. D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ uses technics the CDC uses to track Americans with COVID. Phone pings! The negative press is going overboard to discredit the movie. But so far it’s showing signs of running scared.

2000 Mules 2020 Stollen Election

2000 Mules Documentary – DINESH D’SOUZA shows the alleged criminal voter fraud and ballot stuffing during the 2020 US presidential election, which may have changed the legitimate outcome. There was so much crap happening in 2020 and according to Catherine Engelbrecht, there is much more to come. They just touch the surface in this movie. https://2000mules.com/

2000 mules 2020
Stollen Election

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