The End of America in So Many Ways

Today the republican party imploded and Clinton will win. This will end the USA as we know it. The Constitution will be rewritten by 2020. All the freedoms we have, will be redefined according to world order. I believe this will lead to great unrest with in weeks after Clinton’s election. As we continue to fall apart as a country socially, this degrading will continue affect law, our faith, government and all that we value.

I could see this happening before Trump came along. But he was enough a change agent that these issues could be delayed. Now that Trump has lost,

America in distress
America in distress

these issues will accelerate quickly. It is time prepare for what is coming.

Don’t be unprepared for what is coming in America! The FEC and FCC are ready to shutdown internet news and other news in America. Read Drudge while you can. Foxnews and New York Times is also on the hit list. Go figure!

As I said, with the election of Clinton, the core of America will never be the same. Our bases of the law and the constitution as know it will be gone. The media and current government (republican and democrat Elite) Clinton Bush Dynasty used every tool to destroy Trump. I left the republican party several years back for being gutless. I don’t get to participate here in Nevada except in November. The party appears to be self destructive in many ways. What has happened today will make America a one party dictatorship. Even here in Nevada the Republicans gave us the highest tax increase in Nevada history.

I will cast my vote for Trump in defiance.

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